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Works From Just Above Midtown Show At the Museum of Modern Art  2022-2023

Just Above Midtown

1974 to the Present
Show Ran From Oct 9, 2022 – Feb 18, 2023

The MoMA's selection ties to Susan Fitzsimmons' solo exhibitions at JAM’s 57th street space in Transparent Relationships (1977) and Moving from the Transparent to the Invisible (1979). The works represent the technical experimentation in lucite that Goode-Bryant and Marcy Phillips admired and cited in Contextures (1978), where they describe her practice as one that “allowed for control and happenstance, where random and arbitrary choice… integrate to form the final object.” Hair and Rocks from Downstate contains the striking combination of organic and inorganic forms that characterized her work from the 1970s. Showing (Susan’s) work at MoMA will mark her presence within the JAM community of artists, pushing the boundaries of experimentation from the 1970s to the present." Thomas J. Lax , MoMA

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